Activist Mathew Shurka for The Guardian

When he was 16 years old Mathew Shurka came out as gay to his father and consequently ended in conversion therapy. It took him years to overcome the trauma. Recently Mathew consulted on the movie The Miseducation of Cameron Post, about a lesbian sent to a conversion camp. I got a chance to meet Mathew, now a confident, strong man, when The Guardian asked me to take his portrait for a feature on conversion therapy. It’s a harrowing story:


Conservation Drones for Lenovo's ThinkPad Stories

Late last year I made a trip to Adelaide, Australia, to take photos for a story about Conservation Drones for Lenovo. The piece has been published on Lenovo's page ThinkStories - a collection of stories about people using ThinkPads to change the world.


Conservation Drones is an initiative of Lian Pin Koh, Professor and Chair of Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, and Serge Wich, Professor of Primate Biology at Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K. They figured that if they modified drones or small unmanned aerial vehicles and outfitted them with cameras and sensors, they could use the imagery in monitoring and surveying of forests and animals, which would be helpful in the combat to preserve natural habitats and animal populations.   


It was great to meet Prof. Koh and his team. They're a group of dedicated scientists and we had some really insightful conversations about the use of technology in conservancy. I'm looking forward to see what other projects they'll tackle!


The New Jewish Home Brochure

The New Jewish Home, a nursing home with facilities in Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester County in NY, recently produced another brochure with my pictures - about Short-stay Rehabilitation Small Houses. Stepping into a Small House is like stepping into a home. I always enjoy returning to these houses to photograph and engage with residents, patients and care-givers. 


Back cover of A Moonless, Starless Sky

Recently, writer and journalist Alexis Okeowo published her first book, A Moonless, Starless Sky, that weaves together four stories of ordinary women, men and families in modern Africa. I worked with Alexis on a story about a couple in Uganda that first met in captivity - they were both kidnapped by Joseph Kony's LRA when they were teenagers. We published their story in Financial Times Magazine, and Alexis later expanded that story to became one of the narratives in this wonderful new book. I'm glad Hachette Books chose one of my photos from that project for the back cover of the book. Get a copy!


Lagos days

From Yaba market to African Film Festival, I had some time to go around Lagos during my recent trip there (more work to follow). And every evening, we were greeted by one Lagos constant - no power.

Shopkeeper at Yaba Market

Shopkeeper at Yaba Market

African Film Festival at Eko Hotel

African Film Festival at Eko Hotel

Shomolu at night

Shomolu at night

Photographs in Small Houses brochure

I've continued to work with The New Jewish Home, a nursing home with facilities in Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester County in NY, and am glad to see they used some of my photographs in a brochure about Small Houses. Small houses are a novel concept of living in nursing homes where bedrooms, a living room, dinning area and a kitchen form a house-like unit. The result is a very homely experience for the residents.


In Adelaide

I was recently in Adelaide, Australia. It was a short trip and I'll write about the reason for going to Adelaide when I can publish the work. But on the last day I had a little bit of time off before rushing to catch the flight, and I made some portraits on Rundle Mall, Adelaide's main shopping area. It was nice seeing the variety of people living in this relatively small city...


Kurenti at Masq'alors! festival in Quebec

I'm pleased to announce that images from the story on Kurenti, traditional Slovene carnival figures, will be exhibited during the 5th Masq'alors! festival in Saint-Camille, Quebec, Canada.  Masq'alors! is the only festival in North-America entirely dedicated to the art of masks. If you're around Quebec between September 21st and 24th, check it out.