Polio and Maternal Health in northern Nigeria for Rotary International

In September I travelled to the north of Nigeria. It's been several years since my first visit and it was good to be back! I spent most of my time in Kano and it's surroundings. Kano grew bigger, but it's still mostly low-rise city and not as congested as Lagos. I worked on couple of projects for Rotary International. Now that Nigeria is officially polio free, polio prevention is entering a new phase towards becoming part of routine immunizations. I photographed house-to-house immunization efforts and immunizations in hospitals. Though Rotary is more known for supporting polio programs, they're also devoting a lot of attention to maternal health programs. They support a number of clinics with equipment and training and a significant drop in child and maternal mortality has been noted. When the articles come out, I'll post them, but for now a shot of young, healthy boys playing soccer on a dusty field in Tiga.


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